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Pink Volleyball Ball Official Size 5 Indoor Volleyball

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Pink Volleyball Ball Official Size 5 Indoor Volleyball for Men Women Youth Outdoor Beach Games Gym Training Sports Waterproof

Volleyball description

- Our professional volleyball is perfect for a quick game at the beach or in the park, indoors or outdoors, no matter when or where. Indoor volleyball training can help you exercise your physical strength, coordination and also help you improve your relationship with your friends.
【Stury & Durable】 The surface of this beach volleyball is made of superior PU with exquisite craft to make the volleyball more durable and not easy to peel off even if used frequently
【Excellent Ball Control】 The carefully selected materials significantly increase the beach volleyball flight arc and enhance the control of this sand volleyball, helping you win the volleyball game
【Great Air Tightness】 The superior rubber bladder is used to improve the softness and airtightness of outdoor & indoor volleyball. The valve with a unique structure can prevent air leakage
【Available Indoor & Outdoor】 The lightweight standard size volleyball with a weight of about 9.5oz is ideal for learning, training, competitions for youth, middle-aged and elderly people

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size 5 volleyball

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Beach & Outdoor Indoor volleyball


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Basic Information:
Material: PU
Standard size: 5
The advantages of our indoor and outdoor volleyballs:
- Because the PU volleyball is very durable and wear-resistant. Features low impact and soft feel. The soft surface is effective in relieving arm pain from training.
- Professional volleyball is reinforced with stitching that is even and tight for comfort and longevity.
- The colorful design makes the volleyball visible in a variety of environments and improves recognition when spinning, which means players can easily follow the ball's movement.
- The beach volleyball is extremely airtight, keeping the air inside in ideal condition for easy control and ensuring a stable flight of the volleyball.
- Meets official professional training standards, ideal for training or practicing volleyball in your spare time, suitable for indoor/outdoor/beach.
- Suitable for beginners, teenagers, middle-aged peole and senior citizens. Also perfect as a gift for sports enthusiasts.
1. Supplied deflated. Need to be inflated with a pump (not included).
2. Do not over inflate.
3. Wipe it with a towel, then put it in a cool and dry place.
Package Includes:
1 x Volleyball


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